1.7 Prospects Status, Search, Export, Views & Filters Getting Started Checklist:

  1. How does Status Tracking work in Prospects?
  2. Using Views & Filters to sort the Prospect List
  3. What is the difference between each Prospect Summary Status?
  4. How to search for Prospects
  5. How to export Prospect Records

1. How does Status Tracking work in Prospects?

Within the Prospect section there are various Status, Search. Views & Filters you apply to the Prospect List.

Depending on what options are selected, at the top of the Prospects section you will notice Status boxes that reveal how many Prospects are currently in each Prospect Status in ampEducator. 

There are 7 different Status options for Prospects. (1) Prospects, (2) Lead, (3) Tour, (3) Interview, (4) Application, (5) Lost, (6) Rejected, (7) Enrolled. These Stati names are currently fixed, but in a future release you will be able to customize the names. However, as an alternative you can use Prospect Tags to customize to your workflow in conjunction with the fixed Status. Tags will appear next to the Status in Orange and you can update these as an Admin user under Institution Config > Prospects > Tags. You can also filter and search on Tags.

When you assign a Status to a Prospect they are counted in the Summary Box at the top of the Prospect list.

Tip: Clicking on Lead, Tour, Interview or Application will automatically sort the Prospect List by that Status Summary.

For more information on how Status works for Prospects please see section 1.12 Prospect Status.

2. Using Views & Filters to sort the Prospect List

These Status Tracking box counts change depending on the View and Filters selected. There are 6 Views, (1) All, (2) Today, (3) 7 Days, (4) Late, (5) Performance Time, (6) Performance Leads. Views (Today, 7 Days, Late) are effected by Events set in the Prospect Profile under the Communications Tab. Depending on the date of the Prospect Event (Meeting, Call, To-do, etc.) the View will display. You can also apply Filters to the Current View selected by clicking on the Filter Icon:

In the example below we can see View 'All', Order Ascending by "Added Age" and Status 'All'. You can confirm what Filters options are selected by looking to the right of the Views. 

Note below, we see an example of using Filters; Status All, Recruiter AllDate Added From Sep 1 2021 to Date Added to Sep 29 2021. This will sort the Prospect List and only show Prospects Added to the system for these dates.

Important Note: The Filters selected will remain in place until the user clears them.

In Status='All', numbers for Lost, Rejected and Enrolled are displayed. Enrolled has a % including the rejected and % without the rejected prospects.

In Status='All Active' you can still see numbers of Leads, Tour, Interview, Application. There is no Lost, Rejected or Enrolled because then they are no longer considered to be 'Active' Prospects.

In any other Status you will see the Prospect count in the Summary but no other numbers because they are not applicable.

3. What is the difference between each Prospect Summary Status? 

Tip: You can mouse-hover over the Status Tracking for the following definitions:

Prospects. These are the Total number of Prospects.

Lead. Initial status of new Prospects (automatically added by ampEducator). Good leads can progress through Tour, Interviews, Application and Enrollment. Bad leads can be marked as Lost or Rejected with Reason codes you can customize as an Admin User under Institution Configuration.

Tour. Prospects which has been booked on a Tour.

Interview. Prospects which have been booked on an Interview.

Application. Prospects which have been sent or booked (online or in-person) an Application.

Lost. The number of Prospects which were successfully engaged but could not be enrolled.

Rejected. The number of Prospects which could not be (ie. Incomplete Information) or should not be engaged (ie. Duplicate).

Enrolled. The number of Prospects which have been enrolled as Students. A new student record is created when a prospect is enrolled. The Prospect record is kept for reference only.

4. How to search for Prospects

You can search Prospects based on Name, Phone, Mobile (cell) Phone, Email or Tags. If there is a current Search in place the Search box will be highlighted yellow. To clear the Search field (1) Select all text AND/OR, (2) Delete text in the Search, then (3) Enter on your keyboard. If the Search is cleared the box will no longer be Yellow.

5. How to export Prospect Records

Whatever data is shown in the Prospect List after applying Search, Views or Filters can be exported by selecting fields and then downloading as PDF, CSV, XML file to your desktop.

Step 1. Click the Export Icon

Step 2. Select the Fields you wish to Export.

Step 3. Click PDF, CSV or XML.