ampEducator Microsoft Exchange Online SMTP OAuth Guide - For Admin

Modified on Mon, 18 Mar 2024 at 04:23 PM

MS Exchange Online requires SMTP connections to be authenticated using OAuth. In order to do this you must create a new application and register it with Microsoft Entra ID / Azure AD (Active Directory). This Guide is optimized based on the standard GoDaddy Azure deployment and may be slightly different depending on which version you are utilizing.

1. Access Azure

2. Register App

3. Configure ampEducator

4. User Email Test & Configuration

1. Access Azure

Go to you haven't got an Azure Account, click Create One. 

a. Click on Microsoft Entra ID (Active Directory)

2. Register App

Click on App Registrations > New Registration:

a. Name: ampEducator Email

b. Supported Account Type = Multi Tenant

c. Redirect URI = Web. Redirect URL (optional) = Ignore, you will add this below in 2h.

d. Click "Register"

e. Note the Client ID and Tenant ID. Copy and Save for Step 3 in ampEducator.

f. Under Certificates & Secrets, Create a new Client Secret. Copy and Save for Step 3 in ampEducator.

IMPORTANT - Copy the Client Secret VALUE, NOT Client SECRET ID to ampEducator.

g. Under Authentication add a new platform. 

To the right a menu will appear, Select Web:

h.  Add the PURL Redirect URI found in your ampEducator account under Institution Config > General > Email > MS Exchange Online. It will appear similar to this format - replace PURL with your account login subdomain:


i. Access Tokens = Checked

j. ID Tokens = Checked

k. Click Configure.

3. Configure ampEducator

Login to ampEducator > Institution Config > General > Email > Email Provider = MS Exchange Online.

a. Enter the Client ID, Tenant ID and Client Secret you created in Step 2 above. Click Save.

Azure App Registration ID =  ampEducator MS Exchange Online Config ID

1. Azure App Registration Application (client ID) = ampEducator MS Exchange Online Client ID

2. Azure App Registration Directory (tenant ID) = ampEducator MS Exchange Online Tenant ID

3. Azure App Registration Client Secret VALUE = ampEducator MS Exchange Online Client Secret

b. If successful you will be prompted. If you wish to set the general notifications email to be something other than "" you can also set this under Custom Email From = Yes and enter the email.

4. User Email Test & Configuration

Each User can then login and set up their email address to send and receive emails in ampEducator.


1. Log out of all Microsoft Web Applications prior to configuration of User Email.

2. Log out of ampEducator and restart browser to clear any sessions.

a. Login and click on Username (top right) > User Account > Email:

b. Enter your email address and click "Configure & Test"

c. You will be re-directed to sign in to your Microsoft account: 

IMPORTANT. Ensure that your email password is correct.

d. If successful, each user will be prompted and a test email will be sent to the user. If you receive an error, note the error and submit a ticket to - repeat Step 4 as you may have not properly closed all sessions or you may be using the wrong user credentials.



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