1.1 Login Getting Started Checklist:

  1. Understand how to login to your PURL
  2. Technical Guide - 1.1 Login

1. Understand how to login to your PURL

To access your ampEducator account we recommend you use the most recent version of any modern browser (Note: ampEducator is optimized for Google Chrome) and enter your assigned subdomain {purl} which is the unique {purl} chosen for your institution https://{purl}.ampeducator.com.

If you have trouble with Login, use “Did you forgot your Password” to reset or contact support@ampeducator.com

2. Technical Guide - 1.1 Login

1.1LoginThe Login Page for all users to access ampEducator
1.1.1PURLPersonalized URL (PURL). This is the web address you enter to access the Login screen.
1.1.2Username/EmailStaff can be set up a username or optionally use the staff profile email to login.
1.1.3PasswordsPasswords must be 8 characters and are case sensitive.
1.1.4TimeoutThe default login timeout is 30 minutes. To change this setting see (Technical Guide - Institution Config:
1.1.5Remember MeWhen you login you can ask ampEducator to Remember Me on timeout your username and password will be stored and you can simply click Login without re-entering. Not recommended for Public Computers - you can disable this option See (Technical Guide - Institution Config:
1.1.6Forgot PasswordEnter your Username / Email. Emails you instructions to reset your password.
1.1.7Google Sign OnAllows you to Sign On with Google Workspace. See (Technical Guide - Institution Config: 3.4.4).
1.1.8User Disabled3 Incorrect Login Attempts will cause a User to become disabled. Go to Home > Staff & Instructors > User > User Status > Switch “Disabled” to “Active” and Click “Save”.
1.1.92 FactorUses the Google Authenticator App. Go to User Account > 2 Factor > Click Enable and follow instructions. Uncheck to Disable.
1.1.10User Data AccessWhat data and features a user can view when they login is determined by their assigned Role and Location Access.
1.1.11Student PortalStudents can be assigned username and password and login to the same PURL. ampEducator will then present them with the student portal view which only shows the student their information. There are options for the Student Portal that Admin users can select. See (Technical Guide - Institution Config: 3.12.7)

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