1.5.7 Student Profile

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1.5.7 Student Profile Getting Started Checklist:

  1. Adding Students to ampEducator
  2. Assigning Location, Advisor & Agent.
  3. Managing Consent - Opt In/Out Status
  4. Tracking International Students and Fee Class
  5. Assigning Hour Clocks
  6. Creating & Using Custom Fields
  7. Student Portal Login Credentials 
    1. Student User Status
    2. Student User Name & Password
    3. Student Software Email
    4. Student Location Access
    5. Student Two Factor Authentication
  8. Recording Education History
  9. Student Emergency Contacts
  10. Tracking Employer/Placement Information
  11. Student Status
  12. Student Notes
  13. Student Contracts
  14. Student Documents
  15. Student Forms
  16. Student Groups
  17. Generating Custom Reports

  • There are 4 subsections to Students; (1.18) Profile, (1.19) Academics, (1.20) Accounts and (1.21) Communications. Within these sections there are related functions that you may or may not use, but if you are using Prospects any data collected in the Prospect record will carry over to Students once you have changed the Prospect to Enrolled under Status. You can still search for the Prospect once they have been Enrolled but this will actually show you the Student Profile when clicked. We will attempt to cover the most commonly used functions in Students and we encourage you to explore our more detailed Guides section once you have learned the basics - if you have any questions please submit a Ticket.

1. Adding Students to ampEducator

There are several ways that Students can be added to the Students section. As mentioned in 1.16 Add New Student, once you have completed the modal window fields and clicked Add, you will be redirected to the the Student Profile and the Details menu. However, you can also Import Students, use the ampEducator Home Tools > Forms to create Forms such as Application Form and convert to Students (or Merge a Form to an existing Student). ampEducator also has an API that can be used to submit Students from other third party applications (see http://www.ampeducator.com/api.php for detailed API instructions).

Regardless of method used to add the Student there are many fields that can be populated. These fields are separated into common submenus that can be clicked on or scrolled down to review. For a complete list of available Student fields see Technical Guide - 1.18 Student Profile below.

2. Assigning Location, Advisor & Agent.

By now you have learned that ampEducator supports multiple Locations which can be added under Institution Configuration > Locations. Students are assigned 1 primary Location and can have access to other Locations under Student Profile > User > Location Access. Recruiters that were assigned if the Student was Enrolled from a Prospect will also be shown for reference purposes. Advisors & Agents can also be assigned to Students. In order to assign an Agent to a Students you must first Add the Agent under Home Tools > Staff & Instructors and assign the Agent Role.

3. Managing Consent - Opt In/Out Status

If you plan on using the Communication tools in ampEducator it is very important to ensure you have properly collected consent from your Students. This is managed under Student Profile > Admin > Opt / Opt In Status. If a Student has not been opted in, the ampEducator will not send any email or SMS to them. To Opt In a Student you can either manually Opt In or send the Student an Opt In email. The best practice is to collect Opt In consent automatically when the Student is added to ampEducator from a Webform. This can be done by passing a the field name Opt In set to "true" as a checkbox on your Webform and if you are interested in more information please contact support@ampeducator.com to help you implement this function. Otherwise, you will need to manually Opt In Students when they are added to ampEducator. If you notice or are informed that a Student is not receiving your emails and it is not in their Junk/Spam, it is more than likely that they have accidentally unsubscribed or their Opt In is not set in the Profile and this should be checked and resolved.

4. Tracking International Students and Fee Class

ampEducator has a built-in checkbox for Tracking International Students found in the Other section of the Student Profile. If the Student is an International Student you can indicate this here. As well, if you charge different fees for International Students you can create and then assign this fee class under Institution Config > Students > Fee Class Code.

5. Assigning Hour Clocks

ampEducator has built-in Hour Clock Tracking using either Bar Code Scanner and Printed/Digital ID or by entering your Username on a keyboard to the Hour Clock Screen. This function helps Hour Clock schools allow Students (and Staff) electronic track Hours at physical locations without the need to implement a third party time tracking system. See Hour Clock Guide for more information.

6. Creating & Using Custom Fields

In addition to fixed fields, ampEducator also allows you to create Custom Fields. These can be added under Institution Configuration > Students > Custom Fields. Prospects and Students share the same Table in the ampEducator database so Custom Fields that are added to Students also appear in the Prospects section.

7. Student User Credentials

Students can also Login to ampEducator using the same PURL that Staff & Instructors use. However, ampEducator will identify the Student Role automatically assigned to the Student and present the Student Portal user interface. There are some controls over the Student Portal that Admin can make under Institution Config > Students > Portal.

a. Student User Status

Student User Status must be set to Active Status for the Student to be able to login to the Student Portal. If the Student attempts too many incorrect login attempts then the Student User Status will automatically change to Disabled and the Student will not be able to Login until an Admin user Role switched the Student User Status back to Active.

b. Student User Name & Password

The Student Primary Email address in their Student Profile can be used to Login to the Student Portal which is the same PURL for Staff & Instructors. If you have assigned Students an existing Username and wish to use the same user name in ampEducator you can set that under Student Profile > User > User Name. The username is set automatically with a number when the Student is added but this can be changed if required. The student password is also auto generated or can be manually set using the Change Pass Button. If you need to reset or send first login instructions to a large Group of Students you can do this using Students > More Actions > Send / Reset Account Details. This will send the Students selected an automated email as shown below:

c. Student Software Email

Students are assigned an internal Software Email for tracking purposes in ampEducator only and do not have access to this email address. This email is automatically generated when the Student is added. It can be updated if required but it is recommended to not change this unless necessary.

d. Student Location Access

Students can be assigned a primary location but can also be granted multiple Location Access. This may be required in the case where a Student is attending Courses that are scheduled at different Locations. If you are trying to enroll a Student into Course or Program that is not the Primary Student Location then you will need to assign that Location Access to them.

e. Student Two Factor Authentication

Students can turn on Two Factor Authentication for their User Account. If for any reason they need to have this disabled they you can do this using the Disable Two Factor Authentication (2FA) Button. Students can not disable 2FA themselves.

8. Recording Education History

If you need to record Student Education History then you an select from Post Secondary One, Two or High School Graduate which will reveal additional fields to track Education details.

9. Student Emergency Contacts

Student Emergency Contacts One & Two can be entered here. If additional information needs to be collected then you can use Custom Fields.

10. Tracking Employer/Placement Information

Student Employment or Placement information can be tracked here. If additional information needs to be collected then you can use Custom Fields.

11. Student Status

Student Status can be added here by using the New Status Button. Status can be customized under Institution Config > Students > Status. Once a Status is added it cannot be deleted to maintain Status integrity. If a mistake is made an Admin user can contact support@ampeducator.com to have it removed.

12. Student Notes

Student Notes can be added and Note Revisions are displayed by expanding the + icon. If you need to set reminder dates or if Notes are completed you can also add notes to Events in 1.21 Student Communications > Events.

13. Student Contracts

ampEducator allows you to create your own custom Student Contracts with the option of third party signatures. Once you have created the Contract under Home Tools > Contracts, you can add the Contract to any Student and then Print or Email the Contract to the Student to review and physically sign or digitally sign and return to you.

9. Student Documents

Students have documents that can be stored directly to their Profile. You can upload up to 5 Documents at a time and each document has a 25MB size limit. These documents also can be assigned "Student Access" they will have access to the Documents in the Student Portal. If you design you own Forms with document submission you can collect Student documents and merge them directly to the Student Documents. You can also Bulk Import Documents to ampEducator. For more assistance with managing Documents please email support@ampeducator.com or start a Ticket.

10. Student Forms

ampEducator allows you to create your own custom Student Forms with our Forms designer. The Forms can be Public or Private, meaning that you can create for example Public Application Forms hosted on the internet that anyone can fill out and submit to you OR you can create and/or email Forms directly to a Student. Once you have created your Form under Home Tools > Forms, you can add it to the Student Profile. 

11. Student Groups

Groups are a useful productivity tool in ampEducator allowing you to select and Group Students based on a filters you apply. You can create and add as many Groups to Students as you like and within the Groups you send Bulk Email and SMS. A Prospect and a Student can also occupy the same Group.

12. Generating Custom Reports

In cases when you need to get specific custom reporting from ampEducator when the build in report features are not sufficient. You can run custom reports for individual or multiple Students, Courses, Programs and much more. Contact support@ampeducator.com for more details or start a Ticket.

Technical Guide 1.18 Student Profile

1.18Student ProfileFrom the Students List (Page) you can click on any Student Name to open the Student Profile.
1.18.1Details the Title of the Student. NameEdit the First Name of the Student. NameEdit the Middle Name of the Student. NameEdit the Last Name of the Student. NameEdit the Preferred Name of the Student. When displaying the students name in a form, list or other the preferred name will be displayed if it's different from the first name i.e. if the preferred name is Johnny then the users will see the preferred name in brackets as John (Johnny) Smith. If preferred name is blank or equal to the first name this won't happen. Students can update their preferred name in the portal if the option to edit their profile information is enabled. Preferred name is also a column / export field in Prospect and Student List. the Image to upload or replace the Photo of Student. AddressOneEdit Current AddressOne. AddressTwoEdit Current AddressTwo. CityEdit the Current City. Prov/StateEdit the Current Prov/State. CountrySelect the Current Country. Postal Code/ZipEdit the Current Postal Code/ZIP. AddressOneEdit Permanent AddressOne. AddressTwoEdit Permanent AddressTwo. CityEdit Permanent City. Prov/StateEdit Permanent Prov/State. CountryEdit Permanent Country. Postal Code/ZipEdit Permanent Postal Code/Zip. the Email. EmailEdit the Secondary Email. Automatically CC the secondary email. See - ( the Primary Phone Number. Phone CountrySelect the Mobile Phone Country (required for SMS to work in ampEducator). PhoneEdit the Mobile Phone PhoneEdit the Work Phone PhoneEdit the Other Phone of BirthChoose from the Calendar to select the Student date of Birth. Automatically if Date of Birth is entered. Gender from the fixed list of options. (Male,Female,Transgender,Other). / SSN / NINEdit the Social Insurance (CDN), Social Security (USA) or National Insurance Number (UK).
1.18.2Admin Assigned IDEnter the Student ID. Must be unique. the assigned Location to the Student. the assigned Recruiter to the Student. the assigend Advisor to the Student the assigned Agent to the Student. field displays how the Student was added to ampEducator. 'Website Form' indicates that a Webform was used and 'Application' indicates that the Student was manually added. 'Import' indicates that it was added via Import. IPThis field displays the IP Address if added from WebForm. DetailsAdditional Details about the Source of the Student. Import File name, Form Code, etc. List StatusTracks the Opt In and Opt Out consent of Students. See Communication Guide. List DateShows the Date the Student Opt In or Opt Out. List DetailsShows the IP address, date and time the Student was Opt In or Opt Out. Opt In Link ButtonIf the Student is Opt Out status - Emails the Student a Link to Opt In. Opt In/Out ButtonAllows a User to Manually Opt In/Out a Student. If you need to Opt In multiple Students contact support@ampeducator.com for help.
1.18.3Other StudentCheck to reference if the Student will be an International Student. Class CodeAssign a Fee Class Code to the Student. See - (3.12.4). ClockAssign an Hour Clock to the Student. See - Hour Clocks (3.5). HoursReference to any Previous Hours the Student had prior to ampEducator. SourceAssign a Lead Source to this Student. To create Sources See - (3.9.8). InAssign multiple Interested In for the Student. See - (3.9.3) a Tag to this Student. To create Tags See - (3.9.9). (Enroll) DateSelect Date from Calendar. Students can then be filtered using this Date in the main Student List. See - Student > Filters (1.4.19). RevenueExpected Revenue from this Student. Revenue (0-100%)Edit the Probability of this Student Starting as a Student. Revenue DateSelect Date from Calendar to indicate when the Revenue will be received.
1.18.4CustomIf any custom fields have been defined you will find them here. See - (3.9.2)
1.18.5User LoginShows the last Date the Student Logged in to ampEducator the Student Login Status, Active = they can login, Disabled = they cannot login until Active. NameThe assigned username of the Student. EmailThe assigned software email of the Student. See Communication Guide. AccessSelect the Location Access the Student has. FactorShows if Two Factor Authentication is enabled for the Student Login. PassChange the password for the Studnet. 2FADisable the Two Factor Authentication for the Student.
1.18.6EducationEnter the Post Secondary or High School Graduate Information Here Secondary OneCheck to enable fields (Institution Name, Post Secondary One From/To Date, Credential Earned, Notes). Secondary TwoCheck to enable fields (Institution Name, Post Secondary Two From/To Date, Credential Earned, Notes). School GraduateCheck to enable fields (High School Grad Year, High School Name, High School Notes)
1.18.7EmergencyEnter the Student Emergency contacts here. Contact OneEnter the Name of Emergency Contact One from Friend, Grandparent, Parent, Sibling, Significant Other, Spouse, Other OneEnter the Address One TwoEnter the Address Two the City / StateEnter the Province/State the County Code / ZipEnter the Postal Code / Zip the Phone AltEnter the Alt Phone Contact TwoEnter the Name of Emergency Contact Two from Friend, Grandparent, Parent, Sibling, Significant Other, Spouse, Other OneEnter the Address One TwoEnter the Address Two the City / StateEnter the Province/State the County Code / ZipEnter the Postal Code / Zip the Phone AltEnter the Alt Phone
1.18.8EmployerEnter the Student Employer or Placement information here. the Employer Name OneEnter the Address One TwoEnter the Address Two the City / StateEnter the Province/State the County Code / ZipEnter the Postal Code / Zip the Website URL the Contact Name the Phone the Email the Position TypeSelect the Position Type (Full Time, Part Time) DateSelect the Start Date the Salary
1.18.9StatusShows the Current Status of the Student. Add New Status as required. To customize this list See - Status (3.12.9).
1.18.10NotesEnter Notes on the Student Here. Note Revisions are displaying by expanding the + icon.
1.18.11ContractsClick New Contract To Select a Contract and Add to the Student. See - Contracts Guide.
1.18.12DocumentsUpload Docs specific to the Student. Any WebForms or Forms that collect Docs will automatically be added to this section.
1.18.13FormsCreate and Send Forms to the Student. You must create Form(s) to do this. See - Forms Guide.
1.18.14GroupsEdit Groups that the Student is a Member of.
1.18.15ReportsIf you need Custom Reports that are specific to Students than you can generate these here.

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