1.5.1 Students Overview

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1.5.1 Students Overview Getting Started Checklist:

  1. How to convert Prospect to Student
  2. Students have Unique ID and Email

ampEducator is primarily a Student Information System and as such Students is the core section of ampEducator. 

There are 4 subsections  (tabs) to Student records where information can be tracked and found:

  • Profile
  • Academics
  • Accounts
  • Communications

Within these sections there are related functions and tools that you may or may not use, but if you are using Prospects any data collected in the Prospect record will carry over to Students once you have changed the Prospect to Enrolled under Status. 

Students can also be imported from CSV, entered manually or be submitted to ampEducator via our API if you are already using other CRM software for Admissions/Recruitment. Student Advisors (from multiple locations) can be assigned and many other activities can occur around these Students. You can allow Student Advisors to see all Students or just their own or by specific location. 

Similar to most CRM systems all Emails, SMS, Meetings, Calls can be tracked but the real benefits of ampEducator is that it has been built specifically for higher education institutions and contains many tools such as; Student Portal, Secure Forms, Contracts with Digital Signature, Document Management, Transcript Generation, Program and Course Management, full Student Accounting (invoices, payment plans, recurring credit card processing, etc.) and Learning Management Tools such as Online Testing, Discussion Boards, Zoom Integration, Moodle Integration and much more!

1. How to convert Prospect to Student

To convert a Prospect to a Student you must change the Prospect Status to Enrolled. Once you have selected a Prospect to be Enrolled Status they become a Student in ampEducator. You can also Add Students manually and skip the entire Prospect section all together using the New Student button in the Students section. Students have 4 subsections once you have added them; Profile, Academics, Account and Communications. 

Note: The Status Tab from Prospects is relocated under Student Profile > Status. Prospect Status are currently fixed. However, Student Status can also be customized under Institution Config > Students > Status.

2. Students have Unique ID and Email

Students must have a unique email and student ID and (2) additional fees are incurred if they are actively enrolled in a Course - depending on your service level agreement. The per student fee of ampEducator is calculated on a daily basis and charged monthly (per Student, not per Course).

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