1.4.1 Prospects Overview

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1.4.1 Prospects Overview

  1. Understanding Prospects in ampEducator
  2. Prospect Section Tabs
  3. Prospect Stages in ampEducator.
  4. Prospect Profile, Activity, Lead Stages, Enrollment Checklist, Account and Communications.
  5. Expanding Prospect [+] Details from the Prospect List aka "Shortcuts".
  6. Custom Stages
  7. Assigning Recruiters
  8. Reports

1. Understanding Prospects in ampEducator

"Prospects" are "Prospective Students" and are also known as “Leads”. There are many features that allow you to track and convert Prospects to Students ranging from basic contact information and note taking to more customized and automated workflows.

We encourage all clients to use Events with Notes as you can set Follow Up Reminders on your calendar and agenda. Typical uses of ampEducator Prospects include:

  1. Email Notification of New Prospect Added:
    1. From ampEducator Course Marketplace (see Guide - https://ampeducator.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/11000111647-ampeducator-course-marketplace-guide)
    2. From ampEducator Forms (Application Form, Contact Us From on Website - see Guide - https://ampeducator.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/11000106897-ampeducator-forms-guide
    3. From ampEducator Lead Providers (Website, Social Media, Third Party, CRM, API)
    4. From adding Manually to ampEducator using New Prospect button
  2. Recruiter assigned automatically via ampEducator or manually by Recruiter Manager as required.
  3. Set Follow Up Events (Todo, Phone Call, Meeting), Send Email Template, Send SMS Template.
  4. Bulk Email and SMS Campaigns using Templates
  5. Track using Custom Stages, Tags, Groups, Enrollment Checklist and more.
  6. Send Custom Application Forms with Fees
  7. Send Offer of Admission (Template Email or SMS)
  8. Send Custom Contract (with Digital Signature)
  9. Send Invoice (with link to Pay via Credit Card, Flywire, Paypal, and more).
  10. Record any Fees Paid (Deposit, Registration, Application, etc.)
  11. Issue Receipts, Statements, etc.
  12. Offer Accepted - Enroll to Student

Whether or not you use one or all of the above, ampEducator provide a wide range of options to customize to your existing workflow to convert Prospects to Students faster. All the information collected as a Prospect is transferred to the Student Profile when you Enroll them.

2. Prospect Section Tabs

Under the Prospects Section there are 7 Tabs; (1) Leads, (2) Admissions (3) Enrolled, (4) Lost & Rejected, (5) All Prospects, (6) Lead Providers, (5) Reports. Each of these contains more detailed information that relates to the Prospect Lead Stages that are fixed in ampEducator.

3. Prospect Stages in ampEducator.

In ampEducator, "Prospects" are the Total Prospective Students that are total count of 4 primary fixed Stages; (1) Lead, (2) Enrolled, (3) Lost and (4) Rejected. These Stages are the minimum Status that ampEducator requires to Track and Report on Prospective Students. The Stages have % amounts that track the Stage as a Total of All Prospects (hovering your mouse over the Stage reveals instructions as well). Custom Stages can be added as required and colour coded as such as Tour, Interview, Application, "Custom Stage"-  see 5. Custom Stages:

Prospects can be added from integrated webforms (website, social media, third-party vendor, application forms, API, etc.) or manually using the green "New Prospect" button at the top left of Prospect list. When Prospects are added the Lead” Stage is the first Stage and is automatically assigned to all Prospects.

4. Prospect Profile, Activity, Lead Stages, Enrollment Checklist, Account and Communications.

Prospects that are added will show up in Prospects count and Lead count at the top of the list based on filters and search that you apply the Prospect List. You can click on the name of the Prospect to Edit the Prospect Profile which is composed of Profile, Activity, Lead Stages, Enrollment Checklist, Account and Communications Tabs. In each of these Tabs you will find additional menu sections that you can scroll through or click on to "jump to" listed to the right.

5. Expanding Prospect [+] Details from the Prospect List - Shortcuts

Prospect Details in the List can be expanded from the list by clicking the expansion [+] icon to [-] and Users can use Shortcut buttons here instead of having to open the Prospect Profile and navigating to the correct tab saving time. Users can Add Notes, Events, Email, SMS quickly from this list. User can also mark the Prospect as Enrolled, Lost or Rejected by using the shortcut buttons or move the Prospect into different Custom Stages that can be added. If you establish an Enrollment Checklist (General or by Custom Stage) you can also access and complete these checklists:

6. Custom Stages.

You may not require them, but Custom Stages can be created and examples of Custom Lead Stage Status could be Tour, Interview or as shown below a custom Stage of "Application" has been added. Please Note: These Stages can be added by Admin Role Users under Institution Config > Prospects > Stages:

Once added, the Custom Lead Stage "Application" will appear in the Prospects List as a new Stage. Prospects can then be edited or expanded by clicking the [+] icon to [-] and Users can Set (Custom) Stage the Prospect using the Set Stage > Application shortcut button:

This will move the Prospect from the Lead Stage to the new Custom Lead Stage "Application" that was added:

The Application Count will then reflect the new addition of the Prospect to this Stage at the top:

Each Custom Lead Stage has additional Lead Stage Items that can be assigned and made "Item Required" or "Not Required" under under Institution Config > Prospects > Stages > New Lead Stage Item:

If the Stage Items are required, any Prospect in the Stage Status will show as "Not Completed" if the Item is not done and the Application Stage will show a count of % of Leads and % of Stage Completed. (Please Note: to show "Stage Status" in the Prospect List use the Column Selector Icon):

7. Assigning Recruiters.

Recruiters (from multiple locations) can be automatically assigned based on a variety of options and notified immediately that a Prospect has asked to be contacted. This is done under Institution Config > Prospects > Recruiters and/or Round Robin Assignment Pools by Location. Recruiters can be assigned to Prospects based on what the Prospects select from Interested Program to Country or Origin. You can allow Recruiters to see all Prospects or just their own (by specific location) by changing their Role and Location Access under the Staff Profile:

8. Reports.

Prospect Reports are built-in and can be found in the tab next to List called "Reports". For more information please see - https://ampeducator.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/11000108526-1-4-2-prospect-reports

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