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Getting Started Checklist - Evaluations

  1. How do Evaluations work in ampEducator?
  2. Adding a new Evaluation
  3. Edit the Evaluation
  4. Assign the Evaluation to a Course
  5. Delete an Evaluation
  6. Edit / Completing an Evaluation for a Student
  7. Resetting an Evaluation for a Student

1. How do Evaluations work in ampEducator?

Evaluations are a type of Grading in ampEducator. They allow you to  to create (multiple) customized digital versions of your paper based Student Evaluations that can then be assigned to Courses and used by Instructors to take Attendance (Track Hours) and Evaluate Students on specific tasks, projects and other course activities they may need to complete. The Evaluations once completed will automatically update Attendance and/or Grading depending on how you design the Evaluation(s). Students might be performing tasks at different times involving many different techniques in which your Instructors must record grading outcomes (pass, fail, %, completed, incomplete, or custom grading) and/or make comments and/or take Attendance (hour tracking). Each outcome is added to Section as a Question with Points. The Points allow you to come up with a weighted average total for the Evaluation. Each Question can be weight equally as 1 point or more if required. Evaluations can also be shared with the Student or not via the Student Portal.

Once you have created the Evaluation, you can add it to any Courses under the Course > LMS Tab. There will be 1 Evaluation per Student enrolled in the Course. Instructors can access each Evaluation, if enabled, Take Attendance (only 1 Attendance Event date per evaluation), Enter the Grading or Comments and submit for the Student. The Attendance and Grading will then be passed back to the Overall Attendance and Grading Schema for the Course.

2. Adding a new Evaluation.

a. Create / Add Evaluation under Home > Evaluation.

b. If you wish to use Attendance with the Evaluation, (Hours, Late, Left Early, etc.) select 'Yes'.

If you do not wish to track Attendance for each Student in the Evaluation do not check With Attendance and skip to 2d below.

c. If you select 'Yes' for With Attendance you will need to set the Default Attendance Hours that each Evaluation will record for each Student. 

Q. How does Attendance/Hours Work with Evaluations?

A. The Hours will be populated when the Evaluation is filled out. Each Evaluation has additional Attendance options (some are required) that will allow the Instructor to set the Date, Start Time In, End Time Out, Scheduled Hours, Present, (Student) Attendance Hours (if different then the Scheduled Hours, ie. Scheduled 1 hour but Student only Attended 0.5 Hours in class), Late, Penalty (if applicable), Location and Notes. You can only have 1 Attendance Event Date per evaluation, if the Student is performing multiple tasks over the period of the day - you can add multiple evaluation tasks within the evaluation. If you do not select Attendance for the Evaluation, none of this will appear in the Evaluation:

Q. Where can I find the Evaluation Attendance?

A. The Evaluation Attendance will appear in the Attendance Totals for the Student but doesn't show up in the regular Attendance tab because each Student may have different Evaluation Attendance on same day. Tach student would then require a column and it would become very confusing to read and involve a lot of scrolling for users to input attendance. To view Evaluation Attendance for Students, click the magnifying glass to the right of the Student name under Attendance (Attendance Details) and scroll to Evaluations to view the Evaluation Attendance for the Student:

d. Assign the Read and Update Roles. Note: This is only to edit the Evaluation, not required to use it at the Course level.

e. Assign the Location Access. This Evaluation will only be available at the Locations you select.

f. Click Add, the Evaluation will appear in the List. Click the Name of the Evaluation or the Pencil Icon to the right to being to Edit the Evaluation.

3. Edit the Evaluation

Once you have added the Evaluation, you can begin to Edit it. Evaluations are composed of Sections much like Forms, Contracts and other options found in the Home Tools. Evaluations Details (Name, Description, With Attendance (or not), Read / Update / Location Access are found at the top including Total Points. Points can be awarded to each Question in the Section and the Sections (with Questions) are found in the Design area. The evaluation points are added up and a percentage is calculated that's assigned to the grade for the Evaluation (if grading is being used).

Example: Evaluation has 40 points, Student gets 30 points, then 75% for the grade for the Evaluation is passed on the overall Grading Schema in the Course.

The Sections have Questions added to them and there are 2 types of Questions, Grade or Field. Grade Allows instructors to enter marks for this evaluation. Field Allows instructors to enter other non-graded information for this evaluation. (For Select List, Select Picker and Radio Box you must provide a comma delimited list of options and values).

Grade Question Example:

Field Question Example:

You can also at any time Preview the Evaluation which will show what the Evaluation will look like to Instructors:

4. Assign the Evaluation to a Course.

Once you have completed the Evaluation Design you can add it to any Course. This is done under the Course > LMS > Evaluation section. Click New Evaluation and a modal window will appear with options:

a. Add Name

b. Grade Link Type: Evaluation (default)

c. Evaluation: Select the Evaluation from your Home > Evaluation List.

d. Student Access: If you wish to give your Students Access via the Portal to view the Evaluation - click 'Yes'.

e. Grade Type: Set the Type of Grading that will be applied overall to the Course Grading Schema.

f. Weight: Apply the Weighting of the Evaluation overall in the Course.

g. Passing Mark: Indicate the Passing Mark, if Pass/Fail for example, passing mark would be = 100%.

h. Multiple Number: If you plan to have multiple Evaluations that are exactly the same you can add more than 1 here.

i. Take Best: Of the multiple Evaluations, ie. 10 you can Take the Best 7 of 10. (highest grades will be used, lowest dropped).

j. Click Add and the Evaluation will appear in the Evaluations list.

5. Delete an Evaluation.

To remove an Evaluation, you must go to Course > Grading Schema > Find the Name of the Evaluation you wish to remove and then click the 'X' to the right. Note: All Evaluations will be deleted for Students if you remove the Grading component.

6. Edit Completing an Evaluation for a Student.

To edit or complete an Evaluation for a Student you can access the Evaluations in several ways"

a. Click Course > Gradebook, Find the Evaluation Name, Click to Activate it and then the Evaluations Icon will appear. Click the Evaluation Icon to Launch the Evaluation for each Student. Complete and Save. The final mark you have selected to appear will show in the Grading Field if you have completed the Evaluation for the Student. To 

b. Click the Magnifying Glass to the right of the Student in Gradebook to review all Grading components for the Student. You can then click the Edit Evaluation Icon that appears here to launch the Evaluation:

c. Under Courses for each Student by expanding the (+) to the left of the Evaluation Name if the list. You will see a list of Student Names and to the right you can click on the Edit Evaluation Icon to the right of the Student Name along with several other details related to the Evaluation. Note: If you have not added Attendance to the Evaluation, none will show.

7. Reset / Clear an Evaluation for a Student

If you wish to Reset or Clear an Evaluation for a Student (Delete the outcomes currently entered in the Evaluation but not the Evaluation itself), then you can click the Reset Student Evaluation Icon to the right of the Student Name in the Evaluation list:

When you click Reset Student Evaluation - this will prompt for Confirmation of Delete to avoid clicking by mistake - Do not click this unless you are sure you wish to clear the Evaluation for the Student - This cannot be undone:

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