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1. What are Agencies in ampEducator?

2. Do Students see any Agency Information or Commissions?

3. How do I add Agencies in ampEducator?

4. How do I add Agents to Agencies in ampEducator?

i. Agent Portal View

ii. Agency Admin Portal View.

5. How do I Assign Agents to Prospective Students?

6. How do Agents send Prospective Students to ampEducator via Agent Submissions?

7. How do Agent Commissions and Invoices work?

8. How do Agencies make Payments they have collected on my behalf from Students to Invoices?

9. Where do I track and report on Commissions and Commission Payments?

1. What are Agencies in ampEducator?

Agencies (or Agents that work for them) in ampEducator are defined as any Company and/or Individual(s) that your institution may work with to potentially enroll Students where you may need to track the Students related to the Agent in addition to other items that need to be securely submitted such as Student Documentation, Commissions and Commission Payments.

Agencies are added and have Agent Users listed with Contact Information, Photo, Commission Rate % and Username and Password, etc. Agents can login and can securely submit Agent Submissions or (Prospective) Students to you which are found under Prospects / Agent Submissions. Alternatively, once the Agent(s) have been added they can be assigned to existing Prospects or Students under the Admin Section in Student Profile.

2. Do Students see any Agency Information or Commissions?

Students do not see any Agent related information on Invoices or in the Student Portal.

3. How do I add Agencies in ampEducator?

To use this feature you must first add Agencies under Username (top right) / Agencies and clicking on 'New Agency'

Entering the the Main Contact of the Agency does not automatically make the Main Contact become the first Agent. Each Agent must be added under the Agent section within the Agency. Agents are similar to Admissions Advisors except that the Role as 'Agent' is fixed ie. you can't assign other ampEducator Roles to Agents such as Admission Advisor or Registrar - Agents are intended to be third parties and not directly working for your Institution.

When you New Agency you are presented with a quick entry form to Add New Agency - then more sections are available to fill out once you click 'Add Agency' as follows:

a. Details. This is where you can update the Main Contact and General Information for the Agency.

b. Account Summary. This section tracks the Accounting Information related to the Agency overall.

c. Agents. This is where you add the list of Agents that are available.

d. Students. This is the list of Students assigned to the Agency Agents.

e. Invoices. This is the list of Student Invoices related to the Agency. This is also where Agency can make Payment to a Student Invoice (only if you have configured a Merchant Account).

f. Payments. This is the list of Payments made to the Students Invoices related to the Agency.

g. Commissions. This is the lists of Commissions related to the Agency Invoices.

h. Commission Payments. This is the list of Commission Payments related to the Agency Agents.

Note: Agency Admins will see additional information to regular Agent Users - see below.

4. How do I add Agents to Agencies in ampEducator?

Once you have added an Agency you can add Agents by scrolling to the Agents section and clicking Add Agent. When you first add an Agent you fill out the quick entry form including User Name, Password, and Commission Rate % and if the Agent is an Agency Admin. Agency Admin Users allows the Agent User to see additional information that non-Agency Admins do not when they login to the Agent Portal - see additional details below. There is also a convenience option to Email Account Details to Agent upon adding them by clicking "Yes".

If you do not wish to Email Account Details when adding them - you can always send the Agent a Reset Password after completing their entire profile using the Reset Password Icon to the right of the Agent:

Additional Agent Profile information includes:

  • Agent Address. Each Agent can have their own Address assigned if necessary.
  • Agent Phone, Mobile and Email Contact.
  • Photo. Agents can have Photo assigned. Click Replace Photo to upload Agent Photo.
  • Agent Status. Agents can be Active or Not Active. If they are Not Active they can't be assigned to Prospects.
  • Two Factor Authentication Status. You can Disable Two Factor for the Agent if required once Enabled by the Agent User. The Agent can do this under their User Account when they login.

The Agents can then login to ampEducator using the same Login Page as other Users and then be automatically directed to the Agent Portal view for Agents. There are 2 different views depending on if the Agent is an Agent Admin or not:

i. Agent Portal View

Note: Agent Users can reset their passwords using the same process as all other ampEducator Users under User Account:

The Agent Portal view for Agents contains the following sections:

  • Agency Details - Read only contact information for the Agency
  • Your Details - Read only contact information for the Agent
  • Your Account - Agent Account Summary for Balance, Revenue and Commissions 
  • Students - Any Prospective Students associated with the Agent and/or Added by the Agent.
  • Invoices - Any Invoices associate with the Agent
  • Payments - Any Payments made towards Invoices
  • Commissions - Any Commissions earned by the Agent
  • Coms Payment - Any Commissions Payments made to the Agent

ii. Agency Admin Portal View.

In addition to seeing their own details, if you make the Agent User an Agency Admin they will see everything that regular Agent Users can see in addition to:

  • Overall Agency Account Summary
  • All Invoices
  • All Payments made to Invoices
  • All Agents
  • All Students submitted by the Agency by Agents
  • All Commissions
  • All Commission Payments

5. How do I Assign Agents to Prospective Students?

Once added Staff can assign Agents to Prospective Students under their Profile / Admin / Agent section by clicking the Edit or Pencil Icon which then shows a pulldown menu allowing Agents and Prospects to be tracked accordingly.

6. How do Agents send Prospective Students to ampEducator via Agent Submissions?

Agents can also submit Prospective Students to ampEducator from the Agent Portal. The Agent scrolls to Students and clicks on New Student to fill out the quick entry form and then clicks Add. Once added the Agent is then directed to submit more information as required about the Prospective Student, including Documents and other information:

The Agent Submissions added by the Agent(s) can be immediately found by your Staff under Prospects / Agent Submissions for review by clicking the Magnifying Glass Icon to the right of the Agent Submissions:

Staff can then View the Agent Submission and then convert these Submissions to Prospective Students. 

Note: Once you convert an Agent Submission to Prospective Student using the convert icon the Agent will no longer be able to update the details for the Prospective Student and the Type will show as Prospect instead of Agency for the Agent - they can still view the details, just not edit them:

7. How do Agent Commissions and Invoices work?

When you create an Invoice for the Prospective Student or Student you can select an Agent to assign to the Invoice from your list of Agencies. The name of the Agency will display with the name of the Agents next to it that you assign to the Invoice. When you do this Agent Commissions will then appear at the bottom of the Invoice as an option.

Clicking Add will automatically add the Agent assigned Commission Rate % to the bottom of the Invoice. You can edit this amount if you like or click the X to remove it. 

There may be cases where you need to add more than one Agent Commission to the Invoice or split them between Agents. You can only add Commissions from the assigned Agent so if there are multiple Agents you will have to create an Agency User such as "Agency Commission" or "Shared Commissions" and then indicate the breakdown in the Notes and/or Description as required and then discuss how the Commissions will be paid with the Agents:

This will display as 2 different Commissions in Description only and in notes, but in reality ampEducator is only tracking one Agent the "Agency Commission" user:

There is also an option called ' Deduct (Commission) From Payment'. When you select this 'Deduct (Commission) From Payment' option you'll see a new total called 'Total Agency Payable' updated reflecting the calculation of Invoice Balance - Agent Commission = Total Agency Payable. This is the amount the agency is expected to pay less the Agent Commission added.

This feature is intended to be used when Agents are collecting Student Payments on your behalf. It is assumed that the Agency will keep the Commission portion and either Pay the Invoice via the Agent Portal or send you Payment using another method. You can then you can record by clicking New Payment Icon to the right of the Invoice and selecting "Payable by Agent" option (see examples below). 

You can still add Agent Commissions and have record all Payments/Commission and/or have Students Pay Invoices directly without using Deduct (Commission) from Payment.

ampEducator will automatically record the Agent Commission as paid only when payment is recorded towards the Invoice using 2 methods only, it will not record the Agent Commission otherwise and it need to be done as a separate step:

Method 1. Deduct (Commission) from Payment is selected on Invoice and Admin (your Staff) records the Invoice Payment as "Payable by Agent" using the New Payment Icon (card) to the right of the Invoice

A modal window will appear and your Staff will need to select "Payment By Agent" to record that the Payment was sent by the Agency. ampEducator will then know the amount if Deduct (Commission) from Payment is selected on the Invoice and will then automatically record the Commission as Paid for the Agent as well as the Payment to the Invoice.

If your Staff use the Payments section and apply New Payment and then select an Invoice to Apply Payment (partially or in full), the Agent Commission will not be recorded as paid automatically by ampEducator and you will need to record this as a separate step.

As well, if your Staff attempt to Pay Commission with Deduct (Commission) From Payment selected on the Invoice ampEducator will warn that "You can't make a payment towards this commission as it's configured to be deducted from the associated invoice payment". To resolve this you un-check the Deduct (Commission) From Payment option on the related Invoice and click Save. Then you can return to the Commissions and Pay Commission for the Agent:

Method 2. Deduct (Commission) from Payment is selected on Invoice and Agent or Agent Admin makes a Payment to an Invoice via your Merchant Account in the Agent Portal using the New Payment Icon to the right of the Invoice - See below for more details.

8. How do Agencies make Payments they have collected on my behalf from Students to Invoices?

When the Agency wants to make a payment they log into the Agent Portal and scroll to Invoices where they can click on the New Payment Icon beside the invoice they want to pay - this tells ampEducator which Commission to record as Paid to the Agent automatically as well. If Deduct (Commissions) From Payment is checked on the Invoice it will display the Invoice Balance of $1700, bu the Payable will be $1615.00 by the Agency.

The Agency pays the $1615.00 owning and the $85 Commission will be recorded as paid automatically. ampEducator will only accept up to the Payable amount - they Agency cannot pay more than this amount - if they mistakenly try to pay the invoice in full they will get a warning to correct the amount:

The Agency must pay using the configured Merchant Account you have set up in ampEducator ie. a credit card or as an alternative they can pay using Flywire to record the Invoice as paid. If your institution uses another method to receive payments from Agents then you can request it to be added by contacting

There is no option for the Agency to record a payment other using the Agent Portal and paying with assigned Merchant Account. If the Agency sends a payment outside of ampEducator, then your Staff will have to reconcile / record the Payment and record the Agent Commission accordingly.

9. Where do I track and report on Commissions and Commission Payments?

When you add a new Commission this is added to the Commissions Payable account. Commission Payments are payments you've made to Agents. When you make a payment it reduces the Commission owed. A payment is taken from one of your payment accounts (i.e. bank, cheque etc..) and added to the Commissions Expense account. You can view this under Home / Accounts / Commissions:

End of Guide Document | ampEducator Inc.

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