ampEducator Lead Provider Add Meta (Facebook) Instant Forms Guide

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Getting Started - ampEducator Lead Connect to Meta (Facebook) Instant Forms.

  1. Add Facebook Instant Form Lead Provider Type
  2. Configure Lead Provider Details.
  3. Configure Field Mapping
  4. Testing Submissions

For schools wishing to submit Leads from Meta (Facebook) Instant Forms to ampEducator we offer 2 apps based on your domain allocation:

App 1 - ampEducator Lead Connect US (app for clients using domains)

App 2 - ampEducator Lead Connect CA (app for clients using domains).

1. Add Facebook Instant Form Lead Provider Type.

To connect and submit leads from your Meta (Facebook) Instant Forms go to Prospects > Lead Providers > Add Lead Providers >  Provider Type = Facebook Instant Form.

Note: Best Practice is to Label the "Provider Name" and match this to your actual Form name. Each Meta (Facebook) Instant Form you create must be linked to a Unique ID in ampEducator. This is because each Meta (Facebook) Instant Form may have different fields that you will need to map to ampEducator. The Unique ID will be auto generated OR you can edit it to be whatever you like (the Unique ID cannot be changed once created).

2. Configure Lead Provider Details:

Once you have added the Lead Provider, there are additional settings under Lead Provider Details section. These are optional items that can be automated when leads are submitted.

Click on "Configure Facebook Instant Form" and Login to Meta (Facebook) with the Admin User for the Facebook Account. If you are already logged in you can Click on Continue as "User Name" otherwise you will need to Login again and authenticate your User.

*Important Note* 

The Facebook user that you Configure Facebook Instant Form with in ampEducator must have:

A. Admin Access to the Facebook Business Account.

B. Admin Access to the Pages associated with the Forms

C. Lead Access under Business Settings / Integrations / Lead Access.

Go to and select the Business Account for the Institution to review these settings. Check Integrations and Lead Access. Ensure that the Page you are managing has the User Listed with Leads Access. Example, if your school 

If the user is not listed or you don't see Leads Access then the User you are signed in with doesn't have Admin Permission for the Account and you will need to switch to that User or have your account upgraded to Admin.

Once you have confirmed User access return and select "Configure Facebook Instant Form". You will be asked to Opt in, we recommend Opt in to all Current and future pages, otherwise you can select which Pages you wish to Opt in to.

Reminder: "ampEducator Lead Connect CA" is for .ca domains, "ampEducator Lead Connect US" is for .com domains.

If you choose to Opt in to Current Pages only Meta (Facebook) will ask you which Pages you wish to Connect, select the Pages that are related to the Meta (Facebook) Instant Form you wish to submit leads are added automatically to ampEducator:

Click "Continue" to allow ampEducator Lead Connect (by default all will be selected, all are required for the app to work) and you will be asked to review this:

Confirm by clicking "Save":

This will return you to the Lead Provider Details and ampEducator will ask you which Page and which Form you wish to connect this Lead Provider to. Select the Page and Form and click "Save":

The Form Status will change to "Configured". If you selected the wrong Form or need to update the Form, you can click on Configure Facebook Instant Form button again and repeat the steps:

*** Important  *** Once you have successfully configured the Lead Provider return to the Business Settings and under Leads Access click CRM's. If ampEducator Lead Connect (CA or US) is not showing, click Assign CRMs and select to add:

3. Configure Field Mapping.

Use the Facebook "Lead Ads Testing" developer tool by clicking the following URL or find using a Google Search if this link is updated/broken. This tool is offered by Facebook to Test forms, there is no way (currently) to submit a test lead to your form to ensure your field mapping is working:

IMPORTANT: Select the Page and Form and "hover" over the Form name. You will notice the Form field names you created appear to the right in a box. These form field names are required to be mapped BEFORE you submit your test lead. (You can also find these in your Instant Forms List in your Meta (Faceboook) Business Suite > Instant Forms).

Make a note of the form fields you created and scroll or click to the Lead Provider > Field Mapping section.

Example from above:

1. first_name

2. last_name

3. email

4. phone_number

5. custom

Note: *(id is not required, but you can pass this to a custom field in ampEducator if required).

For each of your form fields you must MAP the exact field name format that Meta (Facebook) sends to ampEducator in order to handle the data payload.


Click on First Name or edit (pencil) icon. Then in the Mapped From field enter the format from 1. first_name above that you noted in the Lead Ads Testing Tool. This maps first_name field from your Meta (Facebook) Instant Form  to the firstName field in the ampEducator database:

Repeat this step for all your Meta (Facebook) Form fields used (ie. example above 2. last_name, 3. email, 4. phone_number and any custom fields you may have added 5. custom to custom fields in ampEducator).

4. Testing Submissions.

Return to the Lead Ads Testing Tool and click "Create Lead", this will submit a Test Lead to your Lead Provider:

You can review then review the Test under Submissions. Click Refresh if you don't see the Submission. If you see ERROR under Status you can click the magnifying glass to troubleshoot the dubmitted data:

This will launch a window allowing you to review the details, in this example the Form Fields were not mapped properly before submitting the Test Lead. 

To fix this, the Field Mapping for First Name needs to be Mapped to "first_name" as described in the previous step #3. Once properly configured return to the Lead Ads Testing tool, first Delete and the Create Lead again and you should see Completed after Test Lead has been submitted in the Submissions section of the Lead Provider. Only Completed Status Submissions will create Prospects using the settings under Details all other Status will be listed only in Submissions. Duplicates will be detected if a matching email to an existing Prospect or Student is found:

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ampEducator now offers paid training and/or consulting to help make better use of our existing or new features.

If you would like to schedule a 1:1 training session with an ampEducator expert you can anytime by starting a support ticket or emailing


ampEducator also offers paid custom development for clients who require it and we greatly appreciate any suggestions/ideas! Let us know!



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