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Account Status in ampEducator

We are pleased to announce that we have launched our new Account Status feature. ampEducator can automatically place a Hold on Student accounts when the Student Balance or Payment Plan balance becomes Overdue.

 What does this feature do?

 When enabled the Account Status depends on Balance overdue and / or Payment Plan Balance overdue. When a Student is Overdue a certain amount for a number of days e.g. $1,000 past due Current/30/60/90+ days, their Account Status becomes HOLD. If they are within a % (marginal threshold) their Account Status becomes MARGINAL otherwise it is GOOD.

The following student portal restrictions are also placed on students with a hold status:

1. Academic History is not available.

2. Course Grades are not available.

3. Program Audit is not available.

4. Self Enroll is disabled

The Student will receive a notification when they log in the Student Portal.

As well, a built-in Report can be generated daily and emailed to multiple users of any marginal and hold students. You can also override any Account Status and set Custom Reasons for Students that are Marginal and Hold Status.

How do I use this feature?

Navigate to Institution Config / Accounts/ Hold tab and review and enable any of the following options:

1. Hold Balance Overdue. If enabled the system will place a hold on the student's account when the amount overdue on their account exceeds the minimum amount and days set.

2. Hold Plan Overdue. If enabled the system will place a hold on the student's account when the amount overdue on their payment plan exceeds the minimum amount and days set.

3. Marginal Threshold. Determines when a student account is considered marginal. For example if the Overdue Threshold is $1000 and the marginal threshold is 10% then a student's account status is marginal when their overdue amount is between $900 but less than $1000.

4. Daily Report. A daily report containing marginal and hold students can be emailed to multiple selected users.

You can define different reasons for Holds under Hold Reasons in the same section. Once the Student in is Marginal of Hold Status a Hold Reason is applied and BAL Balance Due and PPBAL Plan Balance Due are built in codes used by ampEducator. Custom Hold Reasons can be added in addition to these in the Student Profile under Account Status.

Got Questions? Email us at support@ampeducator.com


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