1.4 Prospects Overview Getting Started Checklist

  1. Understanding Prospects in ampEducator

1. Understanding Prospects in ampEducator

Question: What is the difference between Leads and Prospects in ampEducator?

Answer: All potential students are Prospects and 'Lead' is the first 'Status' they are automatically assigned when they are added to ampEducator.

Question: What if I am already using Lead Management software? Can I submit Leads to ampEducator?

Answer: Yes. But we recommend you check out the features in Prospects. 'Prospects' is the front end Lead Management or Admissions section of ampEducator. You may already be using Lead Management or Admissions software and if you like, you can utilize our API or other methods to submit to ampEducator and not use the Prospects feature. However, most clients are looking to streamline into one piece of software and reduce costs and Prospects can help with this task. If you need assistance connecting third party applications to ampEducator please email support@ampeducator.com.

Prospects are potential students and often referred to as “Leads” in the recruitment industry. In ampEducator, the term “Lead” refers  to the first Status automatically assigned to all Prospects. Prospects will contact you from various Sources (internet webforms, paid lead generation, email, Agents, calls, trade shows, etc.) all of which you can track in ampEducator. Social Media Forms, ampEducator hosted secure Form (with or without fees) can be built and/or you can connect existing website forms to automatically populate Prospect (or directly to Student) records, with auto-responder personalized email templates, attached documents and more.

Recruiters (from multiple locations) can be automatically assigned based on a variety of options and notified immediately that a Prospect has asked to be contacted. Many other activities can occur around these Prospects as 'Events' that Recruiters will add to their assigned Prospects under Communications in the Prospect Profile. You can allow Recruiters to see All Prospects, just their own or by specific location. Emails, SMS, Follow up reminders, Calls, all will occur to move the Prospect Status from Lead to Enrolled.

You can customize your lead workflow using Tags or use the suggested workflow by ampEducator (Lead, Tour, Interview, Application, Enrolled, Lost, Rejected). These Stati are tracked and reported on for marketing and administrative reasons on screen and custom reports can also be created to further review Prospect data as required by an Institution when the built-in reports are not sufficient enough. The ultimate end goal is to convert the Prospects to Students.